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What's in Women ExtenZe?

Women ExtenZe is a natural formulation medically designed with both pro-hormones and pro-sexual nutrients. Read our complete list of ingredients.


Do I need a prescription for Women ExtenZe?

No. Women ExtenZe is a natural supplement much like a vitamin and does not require a prescription.


How long does it take Women ExtenZe to take effect?

Clinical studies on this formula have shown improvement between 30-60 days that is highly significant. A large number of women will respond in a matter of a few days to a week; however for some, the improvement will depend on the saturation of currently unsaturated hormone receptors which is higher at the end of two to three months of therapy as opposed to one month of therapy.


How does Women ExtenZe work?

Women ExtenZe empowers women with pro-hormones that balance and optimize your own hormone efficiency (hormone effects like that of Testosterone-"the hormone of desire") and naturally pro-sexual nutrients whose sex enhancing effects have been recognized for decades, some for centuries.


Is Women ExtenZe safe?

Women ExtenZe is completely safe to use. because it is composed of all natural ingredients of the highest quality.


I'm currently taking prescription drugs. How will Women ExtenZe interact with them?

If you are currently taking prescription drugs, as with other supplements, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking Women ExtenZe.


How often should I take Women ExtenZe?

Women ExtenZe is like a daily vitamin and should be taken one time per day, along with your daily vitamin regimen for two to three months at a minimum.


Are there any side effects to Women ExtenZe?

Possible side effects include acne, hair loss, facial hair growth, oily skin, clitoral and vulvar enlargement, excessively heightened sex drive, irritability, and increased levels of female estrogen or testosterone.


What will Women ExtenZe do for me?

Women ExtenZe helps strengthened the connection between mind, body and spirit. It fortifies, nourishes, supports and strengthens sex like no other nutritional product that has ever been introduced for women.


Will I gain weight by taking Women ExtenZe?

No, you should not gain weight by taking Women ExtenZe.


I'm post menopausal - can Women ExtenZe help me?

Yes, Women Extenze may help with post menopausal symptoms.


If I'm trying to get pregnant, is it safe to take Women ExtenZe?

No, you should not take Women ExtenZe if you are trying to pregnant.


Can I take Women ExtenZe while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not take Women ExtenZe.


Can I take Women ExtenZe while breast feeding?

If you are currently breast feeding, you should not take Women ExtenZe.


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